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At Weston Preparatory, “Help” is the key word. We help you formulate, understand and achieve your dream! We make sure our students are well-prepared; will perform here at Weston Preparatory.


With highly prepared professionals who have graduated from top universities in the United States and the convenient location in the heart of Costa Del Este, Weston Prep is committed to making our students highly capable and desirable candidates for colleges and universities in the United States. Since Weston’s founding in 2009, we have helped thousands of students achieve their educational and career goals through college counseling, standardized test prepping and course-by-course tutoring.

Who we are:

The excellence of tutoring and teaching comes from our highly selective teachers. Weston Prep teachers have graduated from various top-notch programs from universities in the United States, including Duke, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, and Stanford. Our teachers have experience working for college newspapers, law firms, think tanks, and high schools. 


What we do:

We place our emphasis on teamwork between its teachers and students. We assist students rise to excellence while cultivating their ability of critical studying. We take out students’ success seriously and are fully committed to each student’s development. We encourage out students to not only develop sophisticated academic and professional skills, but also to learn how to channel those skills into the betterment of their communities.


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